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press and praise

They like me,
they really like me.


My alma mater published a profile on my successes in my field after graduation.

Lindsay Lelivelt ’11: Studying English Leads to Fast-Paced World of Technology



"What I found wonderful in collaborating with [Lindsay] is that she listens to what I intend to achieve with a piece of work, then edits and then remains open to talk about the edits to make sure that ultimate honesty and clarity in the writing is achieved. She is fast, provides interesting points of view and is flexible in providing feedback in the style and software that makes things easy for everyone."

- Eleni Pallas, Leaders For Good


"Simply put, if you need your writing to be both eloquent and professional, you'd have trouble finding a better resource than Lindsay."

- Chris Grayson, Web Sight


"If you have the chance to bring Lindsay in on your work, I highly recommend you act quickly. It’s rare to find someone with her high caliber of initiative, communication and warmth."

- Mike Russell, Pivotal Writing


"Lindsay has been one of the few individuals I've ever worked with who has inspired me to be a more attentive, focused, thoughtful writer. It was her guidance and example over the past few years that I felt was influential in my professional development. I know her to be meticulous, forward-thinking, and extremely creative. Without a doubt, she is one of the few fellow creatives I know who can do (almost) it all." 

- Britt Kemp, Bishop Fox