Portfolio of Work

Other than this here site, I’ve been published around the web.
But you don’t have to go searching, I’ve got it here for you.


The Useless Critic

I have written for The Useless Critic, "a pop culture blog with a personality disorder:"

I Brunch Alone

Odd Salon


Odd Salon is an evening series of cocktail hour lectures based in San Francisco, featuring short talks illuminating extraordinary and unusual chapters from history, science, art, and adventure.


At the Creatures Odd Salon, I spoke about "Savage Brutes at Large: Alternative Facts of the 1874 Central  Park  Zoo Escape."

“...the bursting forth of the most ferocious of the beasts within the menagerie of the Park, the awful slaughter that ensued, the exciting conflicts between the infuriated animals, the frightful deaths that followed...”  

What happens when tigers in the streets meet politics in the news sheets?


At the Swindle Odd Salon, I spoke about "The Beautician from Hell: Madame Rachel’s Cosmetic Con."

In the Victorian era, there was one woman to visit if you wanted to be beautiful forever. With magical tonics, creams, and elixirs, Madame Rachel's cosmetic cure-alls were created for “the restoration and preservation of female loveliness.” Her clients were socialites, actresses, and heiresses; her products were completely fake. 

The Beautician from Hell (as she came to be known) successfully exploited beauty for profit, built an empire out of lies, and shed light on just how far women were willing to go in the pursuit of perfection.


At the Occult Odd Salon, I spoke about The Ghost Club.

The truth is out there. Take a skeptical step in the veritable direction with a glimpse into the past, present and future of the world’s oldest organization associated with physical research (including, but certainly not limited to: ghosts, apparitions, mediumships, hauntings, and poltergeists). 

Bishop Fox

During my time at Bishop Fox, I've written many things, including (but certainly not limited to) the following:

Securing a Competitive Advantage (case study)

Building a Healthy Security Program (case study)

Managing Security Through Collaboration (case study)

Securing Industry Standards (case study)

Security On Lock (case study)

Paper Darts

For a period of time I worked for the Minneapolis literary magazine, Paper Darts. I started as an intern and worked my way up to Managing Editor. In this position, I managed all submissions and posts to the website, contributed stories and blog posts, and acted as volunteer coordinator for events.

Brian Laidlaw and the Family Trade

Great Expectations for Gatsby

On Pinterest

Don’t Judge a book by its Sitcom (and Vice Versa)

Our World Shops, Inc.

I worked as Marketing Copywriter for Our World Shops, Inc. In this position, I wrote product descriptions, press releases, blog posts, etc. I updated content, took product photos, and managed wedding registries for the following sites (some of which still exist!):

finnstyle.com, ellaumbrella.com, alwaysmod.com, glassbirds.comfinnishdesign.comaalto.com

Twin Cities Runoff

Wrote and illustrated the featured piece: On Fitness

The Tangential

Wrote creative non-fiction pieces for Minneapolis-based writing site, TheTangential.com.

My work can be found here.


Once upon a time I wrote music reviews for fun and (little to absolutely no) profit.

Minneapolis Alternative Music Examiner

The Weekly

During undergrad at Gustavus Adolphus College, I worked as News Editor, Features Editor, and ended my time there as Editor-in-Chief.

In my time there I wrote a lot of pieces, most of which are archived here.