whisky and whimsy



San Francisco, sometimes I just can’t. So I don’t. Here is a list of things I like to think about instead of whatever your app does or however you went about breaking that app:

  • art supplies i want
  • top hunks
  • favorite words
  • complementary colors
  • all of the beer
  • puns based on my friends’ names
  • what would my roller girl name be?
  • puppies!
  • what if unicorns were real.
  • types of cheese
  • what i need at Walgreens
  • who could i beat in an arm-wrestling match?
  • best sandwiches
  • try to remember origami
  • names of football players and their position + teams
  • travel destinations
  • sign language
  • star wars trivia
  • bloody mary ingredients
  • imagine dragons – not the band – but just, imagine those majestic and noble beasts
  • dream apartment/house
  • whisk(e)y pairings
  • should i get bangs?
  • no. no i shouldn’t.
  • baseball players and their butts

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